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Structural repair to listed Grade II building in a conservation area

Structural Repairs

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Cross Builders Ltd have been caring for buildings in Kent for over 25 years and can carry out basic repairs or full roof replacements with the minimum of fuss and bother.

Years ago the solution was to underpin foundations and this was an expensive and invasive task which did not address the problem and sometimes created 'hardspots' in the foundations.

Cross Builders Ltd now use stainless steel helical rods which are carefully inserted into the masonry beneath the surface of the mortar and once installed, these textured rods firmly grasp the surrounding stonework or brickwork and effectively bond with fresh lime mortar to hold the building together. 

Our brick and stone repair system has been used to successfully repair England's worst earthquake damaged church, St Peter's in Kent and our work was even featured in the supplier's website. 

200 metres of stainless steel was expertly installed to repair cracks to the South and North transepts and once finished it is completely invisible.

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